Bill Orcutt – Odds Against Tomorrow (2019) 7

Genre: Guitar Improvisation
Rating: 7

Track List:
1. Odds Against Tomorrow 03:52
2. The Sun and Its Horizon 03:36
3. A Writhing Jar 02:34
4. The Conversion Experience 04:20
5. Already Old 02:39
6. Stray Dog 01:39
7. All Your Buried Corpses Begin To Speak 04:53
8. Moon River 01:30
9. Judith Reconsidered 03:07
10. Man Dies 02:09

Sounds like blues, plays like jazz. Orcutt’s lightly distorted, smokey shredding is a joy to listen to and real good way to end a hard day. Like sitting around a fire, this album gives the listener time to reflect as it oscillates between white hot blazes, slow burns and crackling embers.

Favourite tracks: ‘Odds Against Tomorrow’, ‘The Sun and Its Horizon’ & ‘The Conversion Experience’

Support and sample here.


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