TOOL – Fear Inoculum (2019) 8.7

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rating: 8.7

Track List:
1. “Fear Inoculum” 10:20
2. “Pneuma” 11:53
3. “Litanie contre la peur” 2:14
4. “Invincible” 12:44
5. “Legion Inoculant” (instrumental) 3:09
6. “Descending” 13:37
7. “Culling Voices” 10:05
8. “Chocolate Chip Trip” (instrumental) 4:48
9. “7empest” 15:43
10. “Mockingbeat” (instrumental) 2:05

A little more patient, a little more mature, a little spiritual, and undeniably TOOL. It’s a rare feat that a band can return after so many years and offer a release that does justice to their catalogue, pushes their musical boundaries, and still satisfies fans. TOOL has achieved all of this and their fans have taken a collective sigh of release that this is no Chinese Democracy.

Favourite tracks: ‘Fear Inoculum’, ‘Pneuma’ & ‘7empest’

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