Tim Heidecker – What The Brokenhearted Do… (2019) 8.1

Genre: Folk-rock
Rating: 8.1

Track List:
1. Illegal 02:49
2. When I Get Up 02:38
3. What The Brokenhearted Do 03:40
4. Funeral Shoes 03:04
5. I’m Not Good Enough 02:10
6. Sometimes It Happens This Way 04:40
7. Insomnia 02:30
8. Coffee’s Gone Cold 03:27
9. I Don’t Think About You (Much Anymore) 03:33
10. Finally Getting Over 03:07
11. Life’s Too Long 01:36

In ‘What The Brokenhearted Do…’ musician and comedian, Tim Heidecker, puts on a masterclass in emotional empathy. Following a string of political left leaning albums, including 2018’s ‘Another Year In Hell: Collected Songs from 2018‘ and 2017’s ‘Too Dumb for Suicide’, some right-wing internet trolls started spreading a rumor that Heideckers wife was leaving him.

In response, Heidecker wrote his divorce album. And while lyrically it’s a real bummer, the songs have this late 70’s soft rock vibe that is just so listenable and enjoyable. And if you’ve ever been dumped, you’ll find something to relate to. A real treat.

Favourite tracks: ‘When I Get Up’, ‘What The Brokenhearted Do’ & ‘Funeral Shoes’

Support and sample here.


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