Halshug – Drøm (2019) 8.4

Genre: Heavy Punk
Rating: 8.4

Track List:
1. Kӕmper Imod 03:00
2. Dø Igen 03:12
3. Fantasi 02:36
4. Giv Alting Op 03:16
5. Spejl 03:17
6. 02:47 02:50
7. Tænk Pâ Dig Selv 03:13
8. Ingen Kontrol 02:32
9. Et Andet Sted 02:45
10. Illusion 05:19

Thick, heavy punk rock that sonically merges into metal, industrial, crust , and post-punk. At times the album gets so heavy and visceral that you can almost reach out and touch the songs and other times it melds into the background becoming part of everything and before you know it a track or two have passed by leaving the listener lost in time and space. Much like a dream the present-ness of this album pops up unexpectedly over it’s 32 minute runtime. No coincidence that Drøm means dream in the Danish language.

Favourite tracks: ‘Kӕmper Imod’, ‘Fantasi’ & ‘Giv Alting Op’

Support and sample here.


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