Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock (2019) 8.7

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 8.7

Track List:
1. Sunshine Rock 03:09
2. What Do You Want Me To Do 02:30
3. Sunny Love Song 03:00
4. Thirty Dozen Roses 02:52
5. The Final Years 03:25
6. Irrational Poison 02:51
7. I Fought 02:36
8. Sin King 03:53
9. Lost Faith 03:20
10. Camp Sunshine 03:03
11. Send Me A Postcard 02:34
12. Western Sunset 03:19

Alternative rock for wasting away the sunny days of summer. More reminiscent of early 2000’s Pearl Jam than Mould’s Husker Du; this is music for rock fans in their 30’s and 40’s. Much like the oft referenced summer sun, this album is a lot of fun.

I don’t know why this
Review reads like a poem
I am so sorry.

Favourite tracks: ‘Thirty Dozen Roses’, ‘Lost Faith’ & ‘Send Me A Postcard’

Support and sample here.


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