2Minute Minor – Snake That Ate Its Own Tail (2019) 8.5

Genre: Hardcore
Rating: 8.5

Track List:
1. Keep Your Guard 01:22
2. Fallen Empire 01:29
3. Bottom Feeder 00:59
4. Conflict Machine 00:51
5. Resistance ’87 02:35
6. Corruption Runs Deep 01:24
7. sXe For Me 00:30
8. Gentrified Ghetto 01:31
9. Wesley Willis (Featuring Omar Of Negro Terror) 01:09
10. Stop Spending ZAP Records Money 00:05
11. Snake That Ate Its Own Tail 02:39

Community minded, unifying, hold-your-head-up-kid, anti-racist hardcore punk. ✊ Featuring posthumous vocals from Omar Higgins of Negro Terror on Wesley Willis and a complete line change for the second half of the EP.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Keep Your Guard’, ‘Bottom Feeder’ & ‘Wesley Willis’

Support and sample here.


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