Faye Webster – Atlanta Millionaires Club (2019) 8.7

Genre: Folk Pop
Rating: 8.7

Track List:
1. Room Temperature 04:04
2. Right Side of My Neck 02:33
3. Hurts Me Too 03:21
4. Pigeon 02:38
5. Jonny 03:46
6. Kingston 03:22
7. Come to Atlanta 02:32
8. What Used to Be Mine 03:08
9. Flowers (feat. Father) 04:21
10. Jonny (Reprise) 02:00

Subtly pervasive, laid-back and slick. Wavering between mellow R&B, dreamy folk-pop and softened alt-country with ease. Websters sweet and soulful vocals are supported by a woozy pedal steel that, on a few occasions, tries to steal the show and almost succeeds.

Favourite tracks: ‘Room Temperature’, ‘Right Side of My Neck’ & ‘Kingston’

Support and sample here.


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