Kemba – Gilda (2019) 10.1

Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 10.1

Track List:
1. Work In Progress (feat. Jagged Edge, RL of Next, Chris Scholar) 3:17
2. Captain Planet 3:11
3. Exhale (feat. Smino) 4:21
4. Alas 0:25
5. What A Day 3:40
6. Dysfuntion 4:24
7. Nobody I Can Trust 3:19
8. (Un)rest 0:19
9. Peter Pan 2:54
10. Who Would’ve Thought 0:59
11. The Feels (feat. Portugal. The Man) 4:42
12. Dead Deceased 0:35
13. Deadass 2:17
14. Last Year Being Broke 3:11
15. Alive (feat. Eric Bellinger) 4:22

This album reminds me of an Atmosphere line from ‘Party For The Fight To Write’:

“With the theories, the stories, the truths, the myths
Its all therapy, on top of turntable riffs”

With emotions on his sleeve, Kemba, formerly known as YC the Cynic, drops Gilda. An exploration of grief, loss, race, racism, poverty and more. Seriously impressive bars and a masterclass in production.

And just in case you thought it was all Kemba pouring his heart out, I’m just gonna drop this line here to remind you that Kemba’s not afraid to battle:

 “And lately, feel like nothing big’s at stake
My competitions dead, I might battle Big’s estate”
-Kemba, ‘Deadass’

You need to check this one out.

Favourite tracks: ‘Captain Planet’, ‘Dysfunction’, ‘Nobody I Can Trust’ & ‘The Feels’

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