Flamin’ Groovies – Flamingo (1970) 7

Genre: Rock and Roll
Rating: 7

Track List:
Side 1
1. Gonna Rock Tonight 4:48
2. Comin’ After Me 3:34
3. Headin’ for the Texas Border 5:10
4. Sweet Roll Me on Down 2:14
5. Keep a Knockin 2:17

Side 2
6. Second Cousin 3:20
7. Childhood’s End 2:25
8. Jailbait 4:20
9. She’s Falling Apart 4:52
10. Road House 5:38

This is the Famin Groovies’ second studio album in 1970. Recorded loud and distorted with boogie-woogie style piano and sandpaper vocals. Straight laced, high-gear, rock n roll without surprises.

Favourite tracks: ‘Comin’ After Me’, ‘Keep a Knockin’ & ‘Road House’

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