Neil Young – Homegrown (2020) 9.1

Genre: Folk Rock
Rating: 9.1

Track List:
Side One:
1. Separate Ways 3:33
2. Try 2:47
3. Mexico 1:40
4. Love Is a Rose 2:16
5. Homegrown (Barnyard Edition) 2:47
6. Florida 2:58
7. Kansas 2:12

Side Two
8. We Don’t Smoke It No More 4:50
9. White Line 3:14
10. Vacancy 3:59
11. Little Wing 2:10
12. Star of Bethlehem 2:42

Originally recorded in ’74 and shelved for being too personal, Homegrown finally gets an official release. The long lost missing link between Harvest, Comes A Time, Old Ways & Harvest Moon. Reeling from the success of Harvest and feeling contrarian, Young pulled Homegrown and replaced it with the frayed around the edges grunge predecessor Tonight’s the Night. His career may not have been so long and eclectic had he not made that decision. And so, nearly 50 years after it was recorded we are blessed with this rambling, rocking, familiar and yet unheard classic. Carefully remastered using analog equipment to preserve the original sound.

Favourite tracks: ‘Love Is A Rose’, ‘Star of Bethlehem’ & ‘Try’

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