Panopticon – Live Migration (2020) 6.1

Genre: Ambient Black Metal, Live
Rating: 6.1

Track List:
Side A
1. Snow Burdened Branches (live) 10:28
2. Into The North woods (live) 04:49
3. Capricious Miles (live) 07:24

Side B
4. Sheep In Wolves Clothing (live) 06:24
5. En Hvit Ravns Død (live) 09:06

Side C
6. En Generell Avsky (live) 06:16
7. A Superior Lament (live) 10:01

Side D
8. Watching You (live) 08:47
9. To Make An Idol Of Our Fear And Call It God (live) 08:57

Live album recorded at Migration Fest 2018. Panopticon live sets are rare and even more so in 2020. Hopefully ‘Live Migration’ can satisfy until ‘this time of isolation passes’.

Favourite tracks: ‘Watching You’, ‘To Make An Idol Of Our Fear And Call It God’ & ‘A Superior Lament’

Support and sample here.


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