Green Lung – Woodland Rites (2019) 9.3

Genre: Stoner Doom
Rating: 9.3

Track List:
1. Initiation 02:32
2. Woodland Rites 04:34
3. Let the Devil In 05:00
4. The Ritual Tree 06:44
5. Templar Dawn 05:36
6. Call of the Coven 04:44
7. May Queen 06:41
8. Into the Wild 06:52

Holy Satan, this is really good. These psychedelic riff-lords offer ceremonial harmonies in worship of occult satanic witchcraft. I was going to try to write this review without mentioning Sabbath. I just failed. You can’t help to hear the early Sabbath influence in these students of the craft. “Oh Lord Yeah!

Put this album on, close your eyes and step into the woods. “In the forest you saw our fires alight. The trees were talking, they whispered your name
Darkness was falling as you walked towards the flames.
” Let go, enter the ritual and let the dark lord in. “Now you stand before the sign. Yeah, you know that it’s your time. Dancing naked in the night. Won’t you join our woodland rites?

Favourite tracks: ‘Ritual Tree’ & ‘Let The Devil In

Support and sample here.


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