Sleep – Live At Third Man Records (2019) 10

Genre: Doom Metal, Live
Rating: 10

Track List:
(Blue Vinyl) Side A:
1. Leagues Beneath 16:20

Side B:
2. Dopesmoker Part One 19:04

(Green Vinyl) Side C:
3. Dopesmoker Part Two 2:58
4. Holy Mountain 10:15

Side D:
5. The Clarity 10:58
6. Aquarian 9:00

(Purple Vinyl) Side E:
7. Sonic Titan 13:49

Side F:
8. Marijuanaut’s Theme 8:02
9. Giza Butler 10:40

(Orange Vinyl) Side G:
10. The Botanist 5:05
11. Dragonaut 6:39

Drop out of life with bong in hand
Follow the smoke toward the riff-filled land

Eleven epics spread over four records. It’s as good a live recording as you can get. Turn it up loud, sit down and slowly nod your head. You can feel the meditative heaviness of the almighty Sleep deep in the core of your being. This exclusive, limited release is part of Third Man Records Vault subscription service. If you are lucky enough to have this release. Treasure it.

Favourite tracks: ‘League’s Beneath’, ‘Dopesmoker’ & ‘Holy Mountain’

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