The Magnetic Fields – Distortion (2008) 8.6

Genre: Shoegaze
Rating: 8.6

Track list:
1. Three-Way 03:00
2. California Girls 03:00
3. Old Fools 03:00
4. Xavier Says 02:40
5. Mr. Misteltoe 02:57
6. Please Stop Dancing 03:00
7. Drive on, Driver 02:49
8. Too Drunk to Dream 02:58
9. Till the Bitter End 03:02
10. I’ll Dream Alone 03:04
11. The Nun’s Litany 02:58
12. Zombie Boy 03:02
13. Courtesans 02:59

Hopeless romantics, The Magnetic Fields, play with distortion for their mid-career shoegaze album. Starting out like a subversive beach album with the vintage surf sounding ‘Three-Way’, followed up by the Anti-Beach Boys refrain of “I hate California Girls” in aptly titled ‘California Girls’. At this point the album drifts and meanders through a haze of dreamy love songs and fuzzy heartbreak anthems.

Favourite tracks: ‘Too Drunk to Dream’, ‘California Girls’, ‘Please Stop Dancing’ & ‘Drive On, Driver’

Support and sample here.


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