Ginny – Band Tape (2019) 6.2

Genre: Lo-Fi Alt-Country
Rating: 6.2

Track List:
1. Interlude 1 00:59
2. Suddenly Something (Live) 01:55
3. Union Station 02:22
4. Interlude 2 02:05
5. Do Say 03:08
6. Interlude 3 01:44
7. Once Knew A Man 02:58
8. TGTBT 03:31
9. Choose The Wrong Man 02:04
10. Fever Dream (Live) 03:03

It’s never too late in music history to revert to an outdated medium. This exclusive DIY’ish cassette tape from Ginny features a mix of live tracks, lo-fi recordings and oddball instrumentals. Heavy use of the theremin offers a spooky feel to this release. Still waiting with baited breath on a proper full length release from GINNY.

Favourite tracks: ‘Interlude 2’, ‘Do Say’ & ‘Interlude 3’

Support and sample here.


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