All Them Witches – 1X1 (2019) 10

Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. 1X1 05:11

In the beginning
Someone said let’s get this thing going
Now she’s crying out
Stop killing, start growing

This song has it all. Spooky horror movie theme gives way to a slow stoner rock section that bleeds into a Queens Of The Stone Age-ish portion that bridges into a chanted anthem that is quickly smashed into oblivion when all hell breaks loose before returning to the horror movie theme and now the cycle continues with a little more intensity this time.

The maniacal vocals are scream-talking some spooky shit.

Every day in the bucket of blood
Every day on the highway
One by one
One follows me
Down the dark road
Straight to nothing

Not sure what it means. But it’s spoken like a warning.

The top post on the video wins best review of this song. Nobody can say it better:

This sounds like what was supposed to happen after the 90’s and never did for some reason. Now we’re back on schedule folks!Emma Cee.

Support and sample here.


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