JARV IS… – Beyond the Pale (2020) 9.2

Genre: Art Rock
Rating: 9.2

Track List:
1. Save the Whale 04:30
2. Must I Evolve? 06:41
3. Am I Missing Something? 06:46
4. House Music All Night Long 05:52
5. Sometimes I Am Pharoah 05:17
6. Swanky Modes 04:35
7. Children of the Echo 06:31

Heady pop that’s a little bit Leonard Cohen, a little bit LCD Soundsystem, an echo of Pulp and incredibly good. Described as a comeback for Pulp’s front-man Jarvis Cocker, Beyond The Pale can stand on it’s own amongst an impressive back catalogue. It’s poetic, meditative and often dance-able.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Must I Evolve?’ & ‘House Music All Night Long’

Support and sample here‘.


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