Idles – Brutalism (2017) 10

Genre: Punk Rock
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Heel / Heal 03:28
2. Well Done 02:57
3. Mother 03:27
4. Date Night 03:07
5. Faith in the City 02:36
6. 1049 Gotho 03:46
7. Divide & Conquer 03:24
8. Rachel Khoo 03:26
9. Stendhal Syndrome 02:24
10. Exeter 03:59
11. Benzocaine 02:38
12. White Privilege 03:02
13. Slow Savage 03:41

Angry! Not a teenage angst type of angry but a raw adult fury type of angry! The angriest dance record of the decade. Concentrated doses of raw emotion, existential pain, targeted rage and societal disappointment are made easier to digest by a contrarian sort of optimism, humour and charisma. As if to say ‘everything sucks and I’m going to be okay in spite of it all’. This is the type of music that will make you so angry you’ll want to hug the person next to you in the mosh pit.

Favourite tracks: ‘Heel / Heal’, ‘Mother’, ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ & ‘1049 Gotho’

Support and sample here.


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