All Them Witches – Nothing as the Ideal (2020) 7

Genre: Blues Rock / Psych Rock
Rating: 7

Track List
1. Saturnine & Iron Jaw 06:49
2. Enemy of My Enemy 03:29
3. Everest 02:07
4. See You Next Fall 09:50
5. The Children of Coyote Woman 03:36
6. 41 05:20
7. Lights Out 03:13
8. Rats in Ruin 09:10

Bending blues rock into a freaky psychedelic nightmare. All Them Witches can be found tapping dark vibes, creepy blues, hard rock and bad-trip psychedelia for their 6th album, Nothing as the Ideal. Always flirting with the dark side, this record uses a slowed pace and layered atmospheric songs that make for a cathartic experience.

Favourite tracks: ‘The Children of Coyote Women’ & ‘Rats in Ruin’

Support and sample here.


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