Metz – Atlas Vending (2020) 10

Genre: Noise Rock
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Pulse 04:20
2. Blind Youth Industrial Park 03:01
3. The Mirror 05:02
4. No Ceiling 01:36
5. Hail Taxi 04:31
6. Draw Us In 03:56
7. Sugar Pill 02:55
8. Framed by the Comet’s Tail 04:53
9. Parasite 02:24
10. A Boat to Drown In 07:37

Atlas Vending is a pressure cooker ready to explode. Metz are masters at building tension and releasing it in a fury of distortion and feedback. It’s a cathartic way to blow off steam. Atlas Vending contains some of Metz’ most singable songs. Catchy choruses drowned in sea of noise rock distortion, driving drum beats, and guitar squeals.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Pulse’, ‘Blind Youth Industrial Park’ & ‘No Ceiling’

Support and sample here.


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