Pete Yorn – Jeannine/The World (2020) 8.7

Genre: Indie Rock
Rating: 8.7

Track List:
1. Jeannine 02:43
2. The World 03:30

“The world is a funny place even though it makes me sad sometimes”

Pete Yorn has captured the perfect sound for 2020 on this single. The A-side is a tribute to Jeannine, the singing nun who had a hit song with ‘Dominique’ in 1963. On the surface, the song is about how she lost confidence in her beliefs, but it’s really about freedom of expression.

You won’t feel this way in the summer / look behind the door and fill it all in / tell me everything that was on your mind / when He left you there

The song is paired with ‘The World’. A beautifully melancholic song about finding meaning and beauty in the sadness and crazyness of the world.

The pair of songs are driven by an acoustic arrangement that is both melancholy and deceptively uplifting and hopeful. The songs aren’t rushed and allow for a reflective sound that compliments the pensive lyrics. It’s a great sound that just fits with the current state of The World.

Favourite Track: ‘The World’

Support and sample here.


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