Cookin’ Soul – DOOM XMAS (2019) 10

Genre: Hip Hop, Remix, Christmas
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Xmas with Doom (intro) 00:18
2. Naughty or Nutz 02:13
3. Let it Snowwwww 02:28
4. Smoke a lil Xmas Tree 02:07
5. MF Grinch 02:13
6. Santa’s Pot Belly skit 01:07
7. Wonderfull 02:50
8. Llegó Navidad 01:21
9. XXXmas Ladies 03:30
10. HO (skit) 01:05
11. The Holiday Agenda 02:15
12. Unhappy (outro) 01:23

The grimiest Christmas album around. It’s MF Doom, the villain vs. The real Santa in an epic fat belly Christmas battle for the true spirit of Christmas. Cookin’ Soul masterfully mixes classic Christmas jams complete with the crackle of old vinyl into grimy beats for MF Doom’s wholesome wordplay. Crack open a carton of eggnog and turn up the volume on DOOM XMAS. Merry Christmas. Here’s your new holiday tradition.

Favourite tracks: ‘MF Grinch’, ‘Naughty or Nutz’ & Llegó Navidad”

Support and sample here.


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