Age of Indica – Through The Eyes Of Three (2020) 10

Genre: Heavy Psych Rock
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Sleep 07:00
2. Dogmageddon Pt. I 02:26
3. Raise the Dead 04:04
4. The Call of the Void 07:44
5. Hades / Apollo 03:09
6. Dogmageddon Pt. II 02:02
7. Eyes of Three 05:25
8. Outro 03:57

Spacey instrumental psychedelic doom rock. Put this on and take a relaxing trip into the outer reaches of the cosmic universe from the comfort and safety of your favourite armchair. Drop in. Tune out. Enjoy.

Favourite tracks: ‘Raise the Dead’ & ‘The Call of the Void’

Support and sample here.


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