…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead – X: The Godless Void and Other Stories (2020) 8.4

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 8.4

Track List:
1. The Opening Crescendo 02:53
2. All Who Wander 04:55
3. Something Like This 04:36
4. Into the Godless Void 03:58
5. Don’t Look Down 04:44
6. Gone 04:04
7. Children of the Sky 04:37
8. Who Haunts the Haunter 05:32
9. Eyes of the Overworld 01:48
10. Gravity 03:51
11. Blade of Wind 05:46
12. Through the Sunlit Door 03:50

X is Trail of the Dead’s 10th album in their 25 year career and they seem determined to show that they still have something worth sharing. And with X, they do. All of the trademark sounds are here but with a freshness that has not been felt for a few albums.

Favourite tracks: ‘Don’t Look Down’, ‘All Who Wander’ & ‘Children of the Sky’

Support and sample here.


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