Orville Peck – Show Pony (2020) 7.5

Genre: Country
Rating: 7.5

Track List:
1. Summertime 2:57
2. No Glory in the West 4:13
3. Drive Me, Crazy 5:18
4. Kids 3:21
5. Legends Never Die (with Shania Twain) 3:52
6. Fancy (Bobbie Gentry cover) 5:34

Peck continues to reinvigorate the country genre with this 6 song EP to follow up last year’s full length Pony. The EP was delayed due to Peck wishing to draw attention to the Black Lives Matter movement that was in full swing during the original intended release date for this album. Peck is no stranger to championing equality. The LGBTQ content of his lyrics are a fresh perspective in the country genre that everyone, despite sexual orientation can relate to. That is the magic and mystique of Orville Peck. The man behind the mask doesn’t give away too much and lyrically his songs when boiled down to the bones are just songs about human emotions and human experiences. And, at the same time they are LQBTQ anthems that when boiled down are anthems about equality.

If you loved Pony, you will enjoy Show Pony. A teaser for a promising future in music for Orville Peck. It’s full of baritone singing, big sounding ballads and a dramatic flair that is ripe for intense cinematic scenes.

Favourite tracks: ‘Summertime’ & ‘Drive Me, Crazy’

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