Wilma Archer – A Western Circular (2020) 8.8

Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Rating: 8.8

Track List:
1. Western Circular 01:24
2. Scarecrow 05:50
3. Last Sniff (feat. MF DOOM) 03:10
4. Killing Crab 03:50
5. The Boon (feat. Samuel T. Herring) 05:33
6. Cheater (feat. Sudan Archives) 04:50
7. Cures & Wounds 04:25
8. Decades (feat. Laura Groves & Samuel T. Herring) 05:38
9. Ugly Feelings (Again) 04:59
10. Worse Off West 00:32

Compositions featuring a varied cast of guest vocalists appear out of the instrumental landscape like anomalies. It’s like an upscale dinner party jazz album for the current generation. It’s contemporary jazz but it’s not content being just that. It also has a blazing hot guitar solo, a hip hop song featuring MF DOOM, a cinematic pop song featuring Sudan Archives that would be as comfortable in a Tarantino movie as it is on this album and two R&B inspired crooners featuring Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands, one of which is a duet with Laura Groves. And all of this somehow fits together in a concise little package. This is an album that will make a statement and command the mood at a party once those types of things are allowed.

Favourite tracks: ‘Last Sniff’, ‘The Boon’ & ‘Cheater’

Support and sample here.


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