The Scratch – Couldn’t Give a Rats (2020) 9.5

Genre: Folk Rock
Rating: 9.5

Track List:
1. Pull Your Jocks Up 03:45
2. Dollar Bill 05:25
3. Excuse 03:46
4. War of the Buttons 03:31
5. Session Song 05:32
6. God Slap 03:31
7. Seanchaí 03:40
8. Old Spirit 03:19
9. Rat King 04:04
10. Birdie 07:08
11. Underworld 04:24

This is the album I didn’t know that I needed to hear. It’s fun. Like a lot of fucking fun. Like sweaty, foot stomping, floor shaking fun. Like if there was a musical equivalent to saying “fuck it, let’s go have some fun”, it would be Couldn’t Give a Rats by The Scratch. And heaven knows we could all use some fun right now so put this one on and stomp a hole into the apartment downstairs. They won’t even be mad once the The Scratch blasts through the hole in their ceiling. Seriously, this album is a lot of fun. It’s tough, trashy, rooted in traditional folk with just a slight touch of metal despite using primarily acoustic instruments. It sports the best album cover of the year. And, it’s fun, have I mentioned that already?

Favourite tracks: ‘God Slap’, Pull Your Jocks Up’ & ‘Rat King’

Support and sample here.


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