Saturn’s Husk – The Conduit (2020) 10

Genre: Instrumental Doom
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Death of Imaginary Lights 03:05
2. Black Nebula 10:10
3. The Heavenly Ape 09:38
4. The Ritual 06:49
5. Spectral Haze 09:07
6. Mycelium Messiah 08:05
7. City of the Djinn 01:15
8. Sand Barrows 10:35
9. A Shattered Visage 04:14

Take the first three Sabbath albums, cut out the vocals and play it back at half the speed and twice the volume and you have The Conduit by Saturn’s Husk. These lengthy jams evoke the vastness of space through reverberation-laden guitar solos, hypnotic bass and a very heavy, psychedelic live feel.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Black Nebula’, ‘The Heavenly Ape’ & ‘Spectral Haze’

Sample and support here.


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