Fucked Up – Live at CBGB’s (2020) 8.4

Genre: Hardcore, Live
Rating: 8.4

Track List:
1. Intro 00:35
2. Baiting The Public/Colour Removal 06:24
3. Dangerous Fumes 03:04
4. Reset The Ride 02:21
5. Circling The Drain/Generation 05:10
6. Ban Violins/Litany 04:37
7. Police 02:59

We’ve all got to believe in “2006” at some point or another in our lives“, states the liner notes to Live at CBGB’s, referencing the final year for the iconic punk club. It continues: “I thought it might have simply come and gone, but it turns out the bottomless vaults of our archive have provided a brief wormhole into its existence.” It’s not clear whether this a reference to the show, recorded in 2006 at CBGB’s or to the club itself, or both. Probably both, that’s the sort of muddled explanation of anything you can expect from the always mysterious Fucked Up.

In banter leading up to ‘Circling The Drain’, Damian rambles on about a split record with Mind Eraser. He said it would be a limited release in Paraguay only in the fall of that year. That didn’t happen and this split doesn’t appear to exist. He then states:

You made us!

Possibly a reference to being a product of their record collecting obsessed fans. But check it out, now 15 years later, the split may exist after all, just sitting in that bottomless vault.

Biden won! So, if you were lucky enough to go to this show and if you have been waiting 15 years since Fucked Up promised you a Mind Eraser split, I suggest you hit them up n twitter and remind them that they owe you, because you made them.

Oh yeah, and this is a fun little archive release too.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Circling the Drain/Generation’ & ‘Police’

Support and sample here.


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