Wussy – Ghosts (2020) 7

Genre: Alternative Rock, B-Sides, Mixtape
Rating: 7

Track List:
1. Breakfast in Bed 03:15
2. Fly Fly Fly (Green Belt Version) 02:44
3. Jonah (dj dq Remix) 04:06
4. INERT – Whispering 03:22
5. Days and Hours 05:02
6. She’s Out There (Early Rough Mix) 03:25
7. Shunt (Live on WOXY) 03:50
8. The Magic Words – Mayflies 03:22
9. Chuck Cleaver & Lisa Walker – Mountain In Our Backyard 02:42
10. Chuck Cleaver – The Night We Missed the Horror Show 03:53

This free mixtape of b-sides and side projects was collected together as a gift for fans. You can download it for free at the link below. Enjoy.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Breakfast in Bed’, ‘The Night We Missed the Horror Show’ & ‘Mayflies’

Support and sample here.


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