Bahamas – Sad Hunk (2020) 8

Genre: Easy Rock
Rating: 8

Track List:
1. Trick To Happy 3:24
2. Own Alone 3:15
3. Less Than Love 4:12
4. Done Did Me No Good 2:51
5. Half Your Love 2:24
6. Up With The Jones 4:10
7. Not Cool Anymore 2:06
8. Can’t Complain 1:54
9. Fair Share 2:53
10. Wisdom Of The World 4:45

Sad Hunk is infectious easy-rock that’s laid back, soulful, good-natured and primed for hanging out on sunny days.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Trick To Happy’, ‘Up With The Jones’ & ‘Wisdom Of The World’

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