Brutus – Live in Ghent (2020) 10.3

Genre: Post Hardcore, Live
Rating: 10.3

Track List:
1. Fire (Live) 05:55
2. Cemetery (Live) 04:01
3. Horde II 03:02
4. Drive (Live) 05:01
5. War (Live) 04:38
6. Justice de Julia II 04:06
7. Child (Live) 05:49
8. Space (Live) 03:00
9. Techno (Live) 03:43
10. Distance (Live) 03:24
11. All Along (Live) 02:58
12. Sugar Dragon (Live) 08:21
13. Baby Seal (Live) 03:11

If Bjork sounded as punk rock as she acted, she would sound like Brutus. I don’t mean that as a slight to Bjork, she and her music are a treasure that I hold dear to my heart. And just to be absolutely clear to anyone who doesn’t like the comparison, I also don’t mean this a slight to Brutus. This live album was my introduction into their music and I absolutely love it. I’m almost hesitant to listen to their studio albums in fear that the infectious energy that bleeds through my speakers will be lacking on those releases. I’ll check them out though. You can hear a distinct Bjorkness to Brutus’ when lead singer, Stefanie Mannaerts, slows things down a bit and trades her shouting for singing. Unlike Bjork, Stefanie leads her band from the back because she is also the drummer, and she hits hard. Live at Ghent is harsh, melodic and brimming with energy.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Fire’, ‘Cemetery’, ‘All Along’ & ‘Sugar Dragon’.

Support and sample here.


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