Logan Ledger – Logan Ledger (2020) 7.9

Genre: Country
Rating: 7.9

Track List:
1. Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me 04:26
2. Starlight 05:21
3. Invisible Blue 03:34
4. I Don’t Dream Anymore 03:58
5. Nobody Knows 03:42
6. (I’m Gonna Get Over This) Some Day 02:52
7. Electric Fantasy 03:43
8. Tell Me A Lie 04:19
9. Skip A Rope 03:47
10. The Lights Of San Francisco 05:01
11. Imagining Raindrops 03:20

Did you hear that new Johnny Cash song (I’m Gonna Get Over This) Some Day? It’s great! Did you hear that brand new Roy Orbison track Starlight? What about the new Elvis Invisible Blue? You’d be forgiven if you mistook some of Logan Ledger’s songs for something from that bygone era of smooth singing country crooners, but Ledger is something else entirely. Mixing rockabilly with just a touch of psychedelia to produce an old sound that feels fresh and exciting today.

Favourite Track: ‘(I’m Gonna Get Over This) Some Day’, ‘Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me’ & ‘Starlight’

Support and sample here.


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