Julianna Barwick – Healing Is A Miracle (2020) 10

Genre: Ambient New Age
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Inspirit 04:12
2. Oh, Memory ft. Mary Lattimore 03:47
3. Healing Is A Miracle 04:10
4. In Light ft. Jónsi 06:06
5. Safe 04:59
6. Flowers 02:26
7. Wishing Well 03:53
8. Nod ft. Nosaj Thing 03:57

When I think about what Healing Is A Miracle sounds like, I think of the ocean. The vastness of it. The depths of it. And, being in it. All alone, on a calm sunny day, far out from shore, and swimming. It doesn’t appear dangerous and I’m not scared. The water is warm and soothing like a hug from the world. I can see the horizon bobbing in and out of focus. I can see for miles all around me. I cannot see below me, at least, not very far below me. There is a danger in not knowing what lies beneath. Similarly, there is a darkness to this album lurking below the calm beauty of the looped vocals and ambient mood. A deep droning synth, lurking, possibly circling below. You can only hear it sometimes, but it is there.

All will be well, most likely. Eventually I will swim back to shore and I will feel wonderful. But for now, I will take in my surroundings. I will stare into the vastness. I will take it all in and I will feel safe in this moment despite being aware of the danger and all alone. I will revel in the beauty and the wonder. I will take power in feeling small and giving up control. I will feel renewed and then, I will return to land.

That’s what Healing Is A Miracle sounds like to me.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Inspirit’ & ‘Flowers’

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