Dropkick Murphys – I Wish You Were Here (2020) 15

Genre: Folk Rock
Rating: 15

Track List:
1. I Wish You Were Here 4:21

Brought a little tear to my eye. How I wish you were here…

A warning, if you have been attempting to bury your emotions deep inside, this song will not help. You will probably feel something, maybe a lot of things. That’s okay. It will be cathartic.

The true power of this sing can be witnessed in the Youtube comment section underneath the song. Traditionally, online comment sections are a cesspool of trolls and toxicity but here we find support, collective grieving and a public sharing of the humanity of loss. It’s a beautiful. A spontaneous online grief support group. I thought about posting some of those comments here but I think I will leave them where they belong, underneath the musical tribute that inspired them to be shared.

We’ve all lost someone special. I wish you were here.

Support music.


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