Little Simz – Drop 6 (2020) 8

Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 8

Track List:
1. Might Bang, Might Not 2:06
2. One Life, Might Live 2:35
3. Damn Right 2:00
4. You Should Call Mum 2:15
5. Where’s My Lighter 3:53

Drop 6 was written, recorded and dropped in quarantine. And, you can hear the influence of quarantine all over this EP. The beats are subtle, gently guiding each song as the rhymes flow between personal and tangential as minds in isolation often do. Unlike some of the bangers on GREY Area, these songs are more suited to at home chill out session on the couch than they are to a live audience.

If this 2020 there ain’t no hindsight
If you see death is the next chapter, can you die twice?
Guess my thoughts need to calm down, get my mind right
Livin’ day by day, sleepless night by night
Bored out of my mind
How many naps can I take?
How many songs can I write?

Favourite Tracks: ‘might bang, might not’ & ‘damn right’

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