Sing Leaf – Not Earth (2020) 8.2

Genre: Psych Folk
Rating: 8.2

Track List:
1. Easy On You 02:33
2. Little Magic 03:30
3. Honeyeater 06:47
4. Magnetic 04:28
5. Forever Green 02:08
6. Sunshine 05:53
7. Eggtooth 04:30
8. Out Of The Dream 06:14

I’m pretty sure that Easy On You, the first track on Sing Leaf’s Not Earth album, is just a love song. A pretty good one at that. To me, it could also be a statement to the listeners. There couldn’t possibly be an easier album to listen to. Where a lot of psychedelic albums want to freak listeners out, Sing Leaf find a balance between being trippy and creating a safe place to weird out for a bit. And they do this while still packing in a few ‘whoa dude’ surprises along the way.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Easy on You’ & ‘Sunshine’

Support and sample here.


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