Zoon – Bleached Wavves (2020) 8.8

Genre: Shoegaze
Rating: 8.8

Track List:
1. Clouded Formation 01:05
2. Vibrant Colours 04:36
3. Was & Always Will Be 03:10
4. Bleached Wavves 03:27
5. BrokenHead 02:48
6. A Perfect Sunset, Ahead 00:54
7. Light Prism 03:54
8. Infinite Horizons 02:05
9. Landscapes 02:58
10. Help Me Understand 04:28

Bleached Wavves takes it’s listeners on a journey. A surreal, dream-state, shoegaze journey across a soundscape enhanced through field recordings, traditional indigenous influences and mind-bending guitar effects. This one goes well with headphones and a long walk.

Favourite Tracks: ‘BrokenHead’, ‘Bleached Wavves’ & ‘Help Me Understand’

Support and sample here.


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