NOFX – The Decline (Live at Red Rocks) (2020) 10

Genre: Live, Punk
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. The Decline 18:53

I’m not ready, let’s do this

NOFX are joined by Baz and His Orchestra to record this live version of The Decline at Red Rocks. NOFX love teasing their audiences with The Decline. Sometimes they actually play it, often they pretend they will and then they don’t. It’s a mean joke, and I’m sure it makes it that much more special when they actually do play it. I wouldn’t know, and I’ve seen them live 7 times. If you, like me, have been the victim of NOFX’s cruel humour, you can take some solace in this live version. So, fuck NOFX! You don’t need them anymore.

Support and sample here.


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