Witch Prophet – DNA Activation (2020) 9.7

Genre: Jazz/RnB/Hip Hop Fusion
Rating: 9.7

Track List:
1. MUSA 02:49
2. ROMAN 02:43
3. ELSABET 03:36
4. TESFAY 02:51
5. MAKDA 02:08
6. DARSHAN 02:52
7. ETMET 02:29
8. GHIDEON 01:59
10. REGBU 02:24

There is such a cool vibe to this album. A fusion of genres that melt together like many colours of wax fusing at the base of a candle. In this metaphor, Witch Prophet is the flame burning bright and the other colours of wax are her ancestors. The fusion of ancestry with being is the dominant subject on DNA Activation.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Elsabet’, ‘Tesfay’ & ‘Roman’

See DNA Activation short film here.

Support and sample here.


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