Andy Shauf – The Neon Skyline (2020) 12.2

Genre: Folk Rock
Rating: 12.2

Track List:
1. Neon Skyline 03:38
2. Where Are You Judy 03:21
3. Clove Cigarette 02:55
4. Thirteen Hours 02:58
5. Things I Do 02:27
6. Living Room 03:05
7. Dust Kids 02:40
8. The Moon 03:36
9. Try Again 03:48
10. Fire Truck 03:21
11. Changer 03:01

I called up Charlie about a quarter past nine and said, “What’s going on tonight?”
He said, “No plans, but I wouldn’t mind holding a lighter head tonight”
I said, “Come to the Skyline, I’ll be washing my sins away”
Oh, he just laughed, said “I’ll be late, you know how I can be”

Join a charming cast of neighbourhood barflies as they navigate an intoxicated night out on the town. Between rounds of drinks and powerful memories, The Neon Skyline brings listeners into the intimate thoughts and memories of the albums narrator as he navigates a nostalgic tendency to romanticize lost love. With the help of familiar friends and Rose the bartender he may just survive another night out at The Neon Skyline, and then Judy walks in and our narrator is forced to confront his past.

Rose asks if we want another. I say, “I’ll take another life”

It took me a couple of listens to this album before I started noticing the same names popping up in all the songs. I was already enjoying the catchy tunes, and when I dug in and really listened to the lyrics, I was captivated by the enfolding of a delightful short story woven through all eleven songs on The Neon Skyline. By the way, The Neon Skyline is the Skyline Diner in Toronto, Canada.

Somewhere between drunkenness and charity
She puts her hand on the sleeve of my coat
She says “I’ve missed this, ” I say, “I know, I’ve missed you too”
She says, “I was actually talking about your coat”
She makes me laugh, oh how she makes me laugh
I just let my head sink down and fake some deep sobs

Favourite Tracks: ‘Neon Skyline’, ‘The Moon’ & ‘Try Again’

Support and sample here.


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