Mav Karlo – Strangers Like Us (2020) 9.5

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 9.5

Track List:
1. Elevator 05:01
2. Dig A Hole 04:16
3. Detonator 05:35
4. Record High 04:05
5. Strangers Like Us 05:05
6. Nurses And Priests 03:20
7. Wirewalker 03:38
8. Treasures 04:02

On Strangers Like Us, Mav Karlo has found the sweet spot. Blending some of the catchiest hooks with enough alternative rock edginess to keep it reminiscent of the counterculture “genre” that flirted with punk rock in the 90’s.

Favorite Track: ‘Dig A Hole’ & ‘Wirewalker’

Support and sample here.


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