J Mascis – Elastic Days (2018) 8.7

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 8.7

Track List
1. See You At The Movies 03:22
2. Web So Dense 03:37
3. I Went Dust 03:47
4. Sky Is All We Had 03:07
5. Picking Out The Seeds 03:27
6. Give It Off 02:50
7. Drop Me 03:49
8. Cut Stranger 03:23
9. Elastic Days 03:32
10. Sometimes 03:33
11. Wanted You Around 03:30
12. Everything She Said 03:30


This stripped down offering from J Mascis still shreds as hard as any Dino J album. It may be quieter than what was churned out by Mascis and his band Jurassic band mates in the hardcore days of 1984 but for what it lacks in volume is made up for with a quiet confidence.

The mostly acoustic jams on this release swirl and spin their way in and out of J’s classic fuzz filled guitar solo’s while maintaining a sense of intimacy that’s difficult to achieve on most studio releases. Classic J and yet still fresh in 2018.

Favourite tracks: ‘See You At The Movies’ & ‘Web So Dense’.

Check it out and support here.

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