Titus Andronicus – An Obelisk (2019) 9.5

Genre: Rock
Rating: 9.5

Track List:
1. Just Like Ringing a Bell 03:30
2. Troubleman Unlimited 04:28
3. (I Blame) Society 03:20
4. My Body and Me 03:50
5. Hey Ma 05:30
6. Beneath the Boot 01:27
7. On the Street 01:07
8. Within the Gravitron 05:34
9. The Lion Inside 04:26
10. Tumult Around the World (Vid #2) 05:08

Ten fast paced concise tracks packed tightly together. Brash, tireless, tumultuous and rowdy. An Obelisk is the punk rock ying to last year’s classic rock yang, A Productive Cough.

Watch Stacks [Pilot Episode]. A tongue in cheek sitcom about the promotion of the album.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Just Like Ringing a Bell’, ‘Troubleman Unlimited’ & ‘(I Blame) Society’.

Support and sample here.

Enjoy music.

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