Tropical Fuck Storm – Braindrops (2019) 8.8

Genre: Experimental Rock
Rating: 8.8

Track List:
1. Paradise 06:14
2. The Planet Of Straw Men 04:52
3. Who’s My Eugene? 04:41
4. The Happiest Guy Around 04:28
5. Maria 62 03:56
6. Braindrops 06:42
7. Aspirin 05:14
8. Desert Sands Of Venus 04:14
9. Maria 63 07:50

Tropical Fuck Storm are back with their unique brand of post-apocalyptic funk and disco. A clash of genres that assaults your ears and gets you moving. You’re gonna want to dance but you’ll find that all the old dances no longer work. Pairs well with an all-night end-of-the-world dance party.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Paradise’, ‘The Planet Of Straw Men’ & ‘Braindrops’.

Support and sample here.


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