Sturgill Simpson – Sound & Fury (2019) 9

Genre: Boogie Rock
Rating: 9

Track List:
1. “Ronin” 3:48
2. “Remember to Breathe” 2:56
3. “Sing Along” 2:54
4. “A Good Look” 4:01
5. “Make Art Not Friends” 5:51
6. “Best Clockmaker on Mars” 3:54
7. “All Said and Done” 3:58
8. “Last Man Standing” 2:10
9. “Mercury in Retrograde” 4:31
10. “Fastest Horse in Town” 7:05

Sturgill’s sound will not be placed in a box. The country twang of his previous albums remains just barely detectable under the surface of Sound & Fury; the same goes for the horn-section funk of 2017’s A Sailor’s Guide to Earth (only the horns have been traded for synth). This album, a major departure, still builds on what was laid before it; it wasn’t created in a vacuum. Just listen to the funky Ghostbusters meets P-Funk intro to ‘Sing Along’ or the country rock of ‘Last Man Standing’

Sturgill, on Sound & Fury, is found embracing a retro synthwave sound that seems not to belong in this era; for that matter it timelessly wouldn’t fit in any past era either. It’s a trippy blend of Pink Floyd-ish prog rock, Japanese traditional music, space rock, new wave, blue-collar-pool hall rock ‘n roll and the aforementioned funk and country.

Favourite tracks: ‘Sing Along’, ‘Make Art Not Friends’ & ‘Fastest Horse in Town’

Check out the trailer for the Heavy Metal-esque accompanying anime film on Netflix here.

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