Charlotte Adigéry – Zandoli (2019) 7

Genre: Electropop
Rating: 7

Track List:
1. Paténipat 06:11
2. Cursed And Cussed (Album Version) (ASMR Version) 03:51
3. High Lights 05:08
4. B B C 04:11
5. Okashi 03:34

The Belgian-Caribbean artist brings quirky electro dance pop, funky soul, breakbeat hip hop, cultural tradition and oddball humour to lyrical social commentary. In Zandoli, Adigéry skillfully finds that subtle line where lyrical and sonic playfulness meets the importance of her message without diminishing it.

Favourite tracks: ‘Paténipat’ & ‘Cursed And Cussed’

Sample and support here.


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