Dispatch – Who Are We Living for? (2000) 7.8

Genre: Folk Rock
Rating: 7.8

Track List:
1. Everybody Clap 01:51
2. Open Up 04:46
3. Just Like Larry 02:10
4. Time Served 03:07
5. Even (Headman) 04:40
6. Passerby 03:54
7. Carry You 03:11
8. D. Bits 01:34
9. How Now 02:39
10. Lightning 04:47
11. Granite 02:31
12. Prince of Spades 03:53
13. Parade Speed 01:39
14. Headlights 04:22
15. Blood 03:06
16. 10ft, 5ft, Bag ’em 02:17
17. Douggie Mayu’s 01:30

Acoustic and electric folk rock with funk, reggae and hip hop influences for politically minded early-2000’s college kids that sport dreadlocks and hang out in drum circles. Jokes aside, it’s a good album that sounds very much of the decade it was released in (but not in an embarrassing way). Love the electric solo’s and the live sound of the drums. I’ve neglected to put the re-issue bonus tracks on here since they are mostly irrelevant.

Favourite tracks: ‘Open Up’, ‘Even (Headman)’, ‘Carry You’, ‘Lighting’ & ‘Blood’

Support and sample here.


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