Suicide – Suicide (1977) 9.2

Genre: Synth-Punk
Rating: 9.2

Track List:
Side one

1. Ghost Rider 2:34
2. Rocket U.S.A. 4:16
3. Cheree 3:42
4. Johnny 2:11
5. Girl 4:05

Side two
6. Frankie Teardrop 10:26
7. Che 4:53

Suicide were a polarizing musical act. Often despised by critics, peers and sometimes even their fans and yet their 1977 debut was influential in the creation of many musical genres including industrial rock and electronica. Suicide 1977 was a commercial flop but it gained in popularity through the years thanks to a number of musicians including the likes of David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and others speaking out about their influence.

Suicide, at it’s core, is classic rock and roll that’s been obscured and twisted by the duo Alan Vega and Martin Rev. Quietly unhinged vocals whisper madness over a backdrop of creepy synth, minimal electronica and brutal industrial.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Ghost Rider’ & ‘Johnny’

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