PUP – Live at The Electric Ballroom (2020) 8.4

Genre: Punk
Rating: 8.

About this live album, Pup explained in a statement “We never planned on putting these recordings out, because we expected them to suck,”

They were mostly just for ourselves, to mark what we considered to be a pretty big moment in our careers. But turns out, they suck a bit less than we expected. So in typical PUP fashion we made a plan to release them in a self-sabotaging, stupid way. The record will be sold for one day only. After that, it’s gone.

Everyone we work with told us it’s a terrible idea. And they are definitely right. But one of the reasons we love working with them is because sometimes they agree to let us fuck up on our own terms, and rally behind us in a supportive way. Thanks guys.”

It turns out, PUP was right. These songs don’t suck very much at all.

It was on Bandcamp for 24 hours on July 3rd, 2020. It is now gone forever, probably. 50% of proceeds went to Critical Resistance + Breakaway Addiction Services in Toronto. Hopefully that was a lot of money!

Anyway, if like me you are lucky enough to have not slept through the short window for this release you get to dance around your living room to a pretty good PUP show at The Electric Ballroom in London, UK.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Kids’, ‘Dark Days’ & ‘If this tour… / DVP’

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